Disney Princess Enchanted Journey

Posted : admin On 1/26/2019
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Disney Princess Enchanted Journey Free Online


Contents • • • • • • Plot [ ] The heroine follows a mysterious pixie to an abandoned castle when playing in the woods one day. She learns that the castle was once home to a young and beautiful princess, but now a dark curse lurks over the castle. After remembering her name and appearance, the heroine learns how to use her wand to battle against the Bogs, monsters that are created by trapped butterflies forced to do bad things. She then journeys to the Forbidden Chamber of the castle and finds the warp entrances to the other Disney Princess worlds. If she is able to help all four princesses, then the curse will lift from the castle. After traveling through the worlds of,, and, the heroine comes face to face with Zara, an ex-princess who could not stand the princess rules and was banished from her kingdom.