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Posted : admin On 1/30/2019
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Continuing with its open source endeavors, Facebook has open-sourced Hack Codegen, a library for automatically generating Hack code. Hack is, working with the HHVM virtual machine. The library, meanwhile, generates code that is written into signed files to prevent undesired modifications.


Facebook Code Generator Download

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'The idea behind writing code that writes code is to raise the level of abstraction and reduce coupling,' Facebook said on its [ Explore the, the most exciting new ventures percolating today. Track the latest trends in open source with InfoWorld's. ] 'Being able to generate code through automated code generation allows programmers to increase the level of abstraction by making frameworks that are declarative and that are translated into high-quality Hack code,' said Facebook software engineer Alejandro Marcu,. 'We've been using Hack Codegen at Facebook for a while. After seeing so much internal success, we open-sourced this library so that more people could take advantage of it.' Prior to building Hack CodeGen, Facebook mainly generated code through concatenating strings and a helper functions.

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'We realized early on that we would need a good library to generate code, since concatenating strings to generate code don't really scale,' Marcu said. 'At the time, we didn't do that much code generation at FB, mostly dumping values into arrays, so we didn't have any good tools except for signing files.' Facebook has been on an open-sourcing spree, offering such technologies as its for Web and native mobile development, its, and the to open source. Facebook’s Parse group, meanwhile.