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Documentation Use of Google+ badges is subject to the. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Badge types Because Google+ pages, profiles, and communities are different, we offer slightly different versions of the badges: Allow people to easily find you on Google+ and add you to a circle directly from your website.


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G Suite logo Download the G Suite logo (12 KB, ZIP). The logo comes in three sizes. Note: These videos refer to G Suite's old name, Google Apps. New rebranded.

Includes the profile badge features and adds some additional functionality. Help people find your community and engage with other users on a topic they find interesting. Profile badge Google+ page badge Community badge. If you require a smaller widget, you might also consider using the: Google+ badge for people Person badge tag The Google+ badge allows visitors to engage with you directly from the badge itself. The minimum code required to render a Google+ profile badge on your website is one JavaScript include and a badge tag: Tip: If you already use a +1 button on your site, you don't need to add the platform.js script again. Just add the g:person tag.

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You can also use an HTML5-valid badge tag by setting the class attribute to g-person, and prefixing any badge attributes with data. The Google+ badge can show a link to your Google+ profile and an Add to circles button. Example badge sizes Example Width (px) Layout. 450 landscape Tag attributes for the person badge These parameters control settings for each badge. You can set these parameters as attribute=value pairs on the, or as key:value pairs in a call to. Attribute Value Default Description class g-person Specify class='g-person' to render the badge in HTML5-valid syntax.