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Posted : admin On 2/3/2019
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Question How to move or migrate Gentran:Server for iSeries to another machine and are new license keys required? Cause Symptoms might be: STRCOMSSN failed. Not authorized to use FTP on this system. Contact your Gentran sales representative. Invalid Activation Code 3.4 release (and earlier) are sunset and is no longer supported.

Emedia piano and keyboard method. Intel i5 processor computers. Update access keys provide a hardware entitlement check for all POWER8 servers. Each POWER8 server covered by an IBM warranty or hardware maintenance contract is entitled to an update access key. Insidious 3 full movie 123movies. The initial update access key is installed by IBM Manufacturing.

Free License Keys Downloads

3.5 release is a supported legacy product and does require license Keys when one or both: MODEL or SERIAL Number changes for the Gentran Server for iSeries PRODUCT, FTP, SAP, VIEWPOINT 3.6 release no longer requires license keys and is the most current release Answer Migrate or Move the software to another machine or server: Backup the two Gentran libraries (G3XnDTA and G3XnPGM). These can be restored onto the new machine (server). Note: Legacy Gentran:Server version will give a 30-day grace period of the current license, once restored onto a new machine (server). If it is determined the Gentran version is 3.5, new license key(s) must be requested.