Mortal Kombat Vs Dc Ps3 Cheats

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Platinum Trophy (Platinum) You Unlocked All Trophies!Worlds Remade (Bronze) Complete Mortal Kombat StoryUniverse Reborn (Bronze) Complete DC Universe StoryThe Pugilist (Bronze) Perform Klose KombatFree Fallin’ (Bronze) Perform a Free-Fall TransitionCombo Champion (Bronze) Perform a 10 hit combo in arcade modeFatality! Malare premam. (Bronze) Perform a Fatality!Heroic Brutality! (Bronze) Perform a Heroic BrutalityMortal Kombat Champion (Bronze) Finish arcade mode with an MK characterSuper Hero (Bronze) Finish arcade mode with a DC characterThe Competitor (Bronze) Play 200 Versus matchesTarkatan Champion (Bronze) Complete Baraka’s Kombo ChallengeThe Caped Crusader (Bronze) Complete Batman’s Kombo ChallengeCat Burglar (Bronze) Complete Catwoman’s Kombo ChallengeThe Assassin (Bronze) Complete Deathstroke’s Kombo ChallengeFastest Man Alive (Bronze) Complete Flash’s Kombo ChallengeGreen Lantern’s Light! (Bronze) Complete Green Lantern’s Kombo ChallengeBring It On!

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KombatMortal Kombat Vs Dc Ps3 Cheats

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(Bronze) Complete Jax’s Kombo ChallengeClown Prince of Crime (Bronze) Complete Joker’s Kombo ChallengeThe Mercenary (Bronze) Complete Kano’s Kombo ChallengeOutworld ’s Princess (Bronze) Complete Kitana’s Kombo ChallengeEvil Genius (Bronze) Complete Lex Luthor’s Kombo ChallengeShaolin Monk (Bronze) Complete Liu Kang’s Kombo ChallengeThe Thunder God (Bronze) Complete Raiden’s Kombo ChallengeGet Over Here! (Bronze) Complete Scorpion’s Kombo ChallengeMaster of Souls (Bronze) Complete Shang Tsung’s Kombo ChallengeSHAZAM!

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