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Posted : admin On 2/5/2019
Play Resident Evil 4 Online 8,9/10 9697 reviews

Oct 26, 2018 - Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 headed to Switch. This version, which required a persistent online connection, was only. Resident Evil Outbreak, released in Japan as Biohazard Outbreak, is a survival horror video game with online playability for the PlayStation 2. Initially rel.

Submitted on Review title of GameFreak227just like on the GameCube the people that complained about the controls OBVIOUSLY didn't play on the GameCube. The C Stick didn't aim, and you couldn't knife while running. THIS PORT IS IDENTICAL TO THE GameCube. Change your controls to type III or II if you want the GameCube memories. The game NEVER allowed you to shoot while walking, not even on the PS2 version or Wii port.

You have to stop to aim, you turn by holding right or left. Back A turns you around fast. Some of the bad reviews must have been thinking this was Res 5 or Call of Duty, because this port and the original on GameCube NEVER let you run diagonaly. This 'remake' is exactly as i expected, and the new graphics are amazing. I didn't, and you shouldn't, expect it to be a ground up remake.


This game is EXACTLY as i remembered it on GameCube, aside from better graphics. ONE COMPLAINT I'VE FOUND! In the beginning village on gamecube there was a chainsaw lady.

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It was gone in this remaster:(, although its the only unoriginal/easier thing thus far. Submitted on 8/1/2017 Review title of KryptonianSon70The best Resident Evil ever. This game was one of my go-to games in my PS2 days, and not only is it the best RE ever made (maybe besides Resident Evil 2), it is one the best games I've ever played PERIOD. I have beat this masterpiece countless times and would still come back for more.

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