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Vedas text influence on ancient india

TEXTUAL EVIDENCE IN THE VEDAS Cultural and Historical Implications DAVID FRAWLEY The Issue of History It is a great honor to be speaking before the Indian Council of Historical Research for this important yearly lecture. I would like to thank the Council for the kind invitation, particularly the current director, Y.S. Rao, who is dedicated.

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Vedas are the ancient text of hindu religion originally written in sanskrit. The foundation of hinduism is based on vedas written by hindu sages and saints. There are four ved in hindu religion. This holy text of our hindu religion is a rich source of knowledge and attract scholars to research on it but for a common reader its not easy to read and understand it because of language hurdle. Most of the Hinduism literature is available in Sanskrit language and only used for the purpose of worship and other Hindu rituals. But sometimes we feel to know what really it is then we have to face the difficulty of language. If this text will be available in our own language then it will be much easier to understand.


We use bhashya written by scholars and some saints to understand the Vedas. Here we have find the all four veda with their hindi translation and meaning.

The Rig Veda Pdf

Vedas Text Pdf

Vedas Text

These books are rare but now available in ebooks too.