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Posted : admin On 2/6/2019
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The MIME type application/Octet-stream is considered to be one of the popular multipurpose application files. Generally this type is used for identifying the data. The content-type should be whatever it is known to be, if you know it. Application/octet-stream is defined as 'arbitrary binary data' in RFC 2046, and there's a.


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What Is Application Octet StreamWhat is application/octet-stream java

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Hi Chris, I've managed to reproduce the problem, it seems that the Flash module sends the uploaded files with hard-coded content type which is application/octet-stream. I've logged the issue into our bug tracking system and we will try to get it resolved as soon as possible. Kabhi alvida songs. I've also updated your telerik points as a token of gratitude for the report. A possible workaround might be to manually set the ContentType based on the extension of the file. A list with the most common content types can be found Regards, Genady Sergeev the Telerik team. Hi guys, It turned out that it is not that trivial to implement such feature in the Flash/Silverlight modules. The problem is that there is no way to force Flash/Silverlight to determine the content type based on the meta data of the file.