Diablo 2 V1.13 Download

Posted : admin On 12/30/2018
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Diablo 2 v1.13 patch

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Diablo 2 v1 13 rune wordsDiablo 2 v1.13 patch

Diablo 2 V1 13 Rune Words

I was going to post about this but didn't finish writing it. I just spent a few hours getting 1.13 running on Wine, still a few issues but here a few pointers: -first you need to get Wine working on your machine -the wrap engine to use is one that has NoFlicker at the end written to it -there is an issue with the video mpq's you want to disable them, currently I am just starting the game by clicking escape, but there is a way to disable them If there is interest in this and I have configured it all to my satisfaction I might write up some more detailed instructions, so please do let me know if you still have issues.

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