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Rambo 3 rejoins war veteran John J. Rambo in Thailand where he has been aiding in the build of a Buddhist temple. Colonel Samuel Trautman comes to enlist his help in a mission in Afghanistan aimed at preventing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan with the aid of the Mujahedeen rebel forces. Trautman reluctantly accepts Rambo's refusal to assist, but continues on with his plans to work on the mission in Afghanistan himself. The mission is a miserable failure and Trautman is abducted by the Soviet soldiers, led by Colonel Zaysen and is faced with certain peril. Upon hearing of Trautman's fate, Rambo abandons his prior resistance and searches out Trautman with the Mujahedeen rebels. The road to Trautman is filled with deceit and treachery from the very people who have offered assistance to Rambo, but he is undeterred from his mission to rescue his former commander.


Film Rambo 5 Full Movie

Rambo 3 movie

Rambo 4 Full Movie English

Rambo 3 full movie english

Rambo 3

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