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Download SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online ver 1.4. Free From the legendary and iconic Gundam universe, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a free-to-play, third-person shooter. Bollywood movies video songs download. Jun 18, 2012 - SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a free-to-play MMO third-person shooter from Softmax and OGPlanet based on the popular and iconic.

  1. Sd Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Download
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Sd Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Download

• SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (Also known as SD Gundam Capsule Fighter or SDGO for short) is a massively multiplayer online third person shooter video game developed by South Korean game developer Softmax. The game began public online service in the summer of 2007 for South Korea, and as time went by new versions were licensed for service in other countries and regions. Versions of SDGO were localized for China and Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, North America and parts of Europe, and Australia and other parts of south-east Asia. On April 28, 2015 the native Korean server, which was published by Netmarble, announced that it would be shutting down service of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter on May 29, after a seven year run. By that date most other servers had either already officially ended service, or announced that they soon would. The Chinese server revealed that they would conclude their operations on July 31, 2015, on June 16, 2015, the Taiwan Server revealed that they would shut down the same day and, on June 30, 2015, OG Planet revealed that it, too, would shut down that same day before being revised a week later to be July 26.