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Posted : admin On 1/30/2019
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My understanding is that the Java SDK sets by default a Content-Type: application/octet-stream header if none is provided by the user when adding an object. On the other hand, I've noticed that files uploaded via AWS CLI's s3api put-object. Percakapan bahasa inggris 2 orang tentang perkenalan. Get assigned a Content-Type of binary/octet-stream. I suppose that this value is assigned by the S3 backend, because I couldn't find any Content-Type header set in the PUT request according to --debug logs.

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Uploading a file via the S3 Web console produces a binary/octet-stream MIME type as well. (For the record, Google Cloud Storage also uses binary/octet-stream.) I was wondering if you had any comment on this difference between application/octet-stream and binary/octet-stream? As far as breaking change, customers may be relying on the fact that the default MIME for objects uploaded using the Java SDK to be application/octet-stream rather than binary/octet-stream. Do you expect all of your objects to have binary/octet-stream? If so, you can use. Note that this will override the value set on ObjectMetadata#setContentType so it won't work if the you need to be able to override the default value. Another option might be a custom We can also look into adding a default object MIME if that would be easiest for you.